Ryo Yonetani, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator at OMRON SINIC X Corporation

Cooperative Research Fellow at Sato Lab in Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

mail: ryo.yonetani +at+ sinicx.com

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Research Interest

Computer Vision and Machine Learning


  • (Sep 17, 2020) New work on differentiable A* search is available on arXiv.
  • (Jul 1, 2020) Paper on interactive crowd-aware navigation has been accepted to IROS! arXiv.
  • (May 4, 2020) Paper on Transfer RL has been accepted to IJCAI! project page
  • (Mar 23, 2020) New work on crowd-aware navigation is available on arXiv.
  • (Oct 26, 2019) Our call for interns (computer vision track, available from 2020/04) is now available.
  • (Oct 26, 2019) We will present our recent work on transfer RL at ICCV Workshop. Poster
  • (Oct 26, 2019) New work on transfer RL is now available on arXiv.
  • (Jun 14, 2019) We will present our recent work on decentralized GAN at CV-COPS workshop in conjunction with CVPR’19. Poster here.
  • (May 24, 2019) New work on decentralized learning of GANs is now available on arXiv.
  • (Mar 6, 2019) New work on multi-agent imitation learning is available on arXiv.
  • (Feb 7, 2019) Paper on Federated Learning was accepted by International Conference on Communications.
  • (Jan 12, 2019) I will serve as a publicity chair at ACCV 2020. See you in Kyoto!