How does gaze help remote collaboration?

Keita Higuchi, Ryo Yonetani, Yoichi Sato: “Can Eye Help You?: Effects of Visualizing Eye Fixations on Remote Collaboration Scenarios for Physical Tasks”, ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing System (CHI2016), San Jose, CA, USA, May 2016 [PDF]


In this work, we investigate how remote collaboration between a local worker and a remote collaborator will change if eye fixations of the collaborator are presented to the worker. We track the collaborator’s points of gaze on a monitor screen displaying a physical workspace and visualize them onto the space by a projector or through an optical see-through head-mounted display. Through a series of user studies, we found that 1) eye fixations could serve as a fast and precise pointer to objects of collaborator’s interest, 2) eyes and other modalities such as hand gestures and speeches were differently used for describing object identification and manipulation, respectively, 3) eyes were used for explicit instructions only when they were combined with speeches, and 4) the worker could predict some intentions of the collaborator such as his/her current interest and next instruction.